Night of the Moon

by Mouko Tokkyuu



Artist: Mouko Tokkyuu
Title: Tsuki No Yoru
Format: CD-R
Edition: 200 copies
Catalogue Number: POWER01
Release Date: 12.2006
Info: Think of walking along the riverside. There’s tall grass to your right, blowing softly in the breeze. To your left is clear water, lazily passing. You take a break, sitting on the bank. When you look up, you see a beautiful girl walking down the path towards you. It just happens that this girl is your childhood crush. You stand up. She looks expectantly at you. And when you open your mouth, you just talk about how beautiful nature is for about a half an hour before she leaves you to sit on the riverbank again.
Now, the way this connects is, that’s pretty much how I feel when listening to Mouko Tokkyuu, the first of The Power Series’ releases. This is best described as Japanese Folk Rock, but if you’ve never heard “Japanese" Folk, then the description will be lost on you. The Japanese Folk tradition is quite different from our own, and therefore the sound is much different. The music is full of emotion, heartfelt and tender. Singer Chajima’s voice cracks at just the right places. The melodies will make you burst to tears. Many times I think of a more laid-back Eastern Youth.
What I guess I’m trying to say is, listen to this. I love this so much that I wanted to release it even though it doesn’t quite fit into the sound of the label. It fits into the philosophy of the label, though, releasing music we love that people might never hear. 4 songs, half an hour, all emotion.


released January 1, 2007



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